Asbestos can pose a serious risk to individuals if it is found to be present in soil. It remains virtually unchanged over time in soil. It can become airborne and also transferred to other areas of land via shoes and clothing.

At the SoilLab, we conduct asbestos ID soil tests to eliminate the risk to people.

Asbestos soil testing

How can asbestos be found in soil?

There are a number of reasons why asbestos may be present in soil. Demolition of old buildings containing asbestos before the risks were known, the nature of previous businesses occupying the land, fly-tipping and inaction on previously contaminated land can all contribute to asbestos finding its way into soil.

Due to its diverse usage, asbestos can also be found in many different forms so it’s vital that it is identified and appropriate actions are taken.

  • Accurate & thorough site testing
  • Safe handling of samples
  • Expert laboratory analysis
  • Comply with laws
  • Eliminate risk of harmful land

How is the Asbestos ID test carried out?

The soil sampling can be carried out by a Soil Lab engineer or the site contact can carry out the Soil sampling and this process is either done at the same time as the soil Sampling or separately then is sent to the lab for testing. We also carry out asbestos quantification testing. Contact us with any enquiries.

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Eliminate asbestos risk to individuals and comply with regulations. Contact us to arrange an Asbestos lD test.

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