An Asbestos Quantification test measures the amount of asbestos in a soil sample. This is reported as a percentage of the sample. We examine the whole sample to give you an accurate asbestos calculation.

Asbestos is not visible to the eye and can be present in soil following demolition or construction work. Activities such as fly-tipping can also contribute to contaminated land.

As it is harmful to humans, it’s vital to conduct asbestos testing and take the appropriate actions to correctly dispose of waste. The Asbestos Quantification test is carried out following the Asbestos ID test.

Asbestos Quantification

  • Accurate & thorough site testing
  • Certified asbestos testing & safe handling of samples
  • Expert laboratory analysis
  • Stay compliant with law
  • Eliminate risk of asbestos contaminated land



Asbestos soil testing

How can asbestos be found in soil?

Asbestos may find its way into soil due to:


  • Historic demolition of old buildings
  • Construction work disturbing the land
  • Fly-tipping
  • Incorrect methods of waste disposal previously
  • Previous owners of the land may have had businesses which carried a higher risk of contaminated waste


How is the Asbestos Quantification test carried out?

The Asbestos Quantification test is carried out once asbestos has been detected in the original Asbestos ID and is taken from the original sample.


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