12 Facts of Soil Testing

Soil is a vital component for life on our planet – from planting crops that feed billions to providing solid foundations for building and to being one of the most diverse ecosystems we have.  Managing soil correctly is important and soil testing plays a vital role in identifying elements in soil to ensure that it’s fit for purpose, is correctly

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A Guide to Soil Sampling Methods

There are different soil sampling tests that The Soil Lab carries out for various purposes: to determine water content to plan construction or agricultural projects, to correctly classify waste so it can be disposed of lawfully and to identify potentially harmful substances such as asbestos and coal tar. Here we have a guide to the different soil sample tests. Asbestos

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Why soil testing is important

What is soil testing? Soil testing refers to a wide range of soil analysis tests that can be carried out for a number of reasons. Soil testing may be used to determine the quality of soil to assess how it’s used.  Soil analysis can be useful for a number of industries including agriculture, construction and engineering. What can soil testing

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How to Choose a Soil Testing Company

Soil testing may be needed for a number of reasons, such as when sending waste soil to landfill sites and ultimately to comply with waste classification laws.  How do you choose a company to carry out soil testing? Here are some things to consider before deciding on a company. Experience Checking that soil testing companies are well-established in their field

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