At the SoilLab, we test waste for coal tar and establish how hazardous it is. Coal tar was previously used in a number of settings including for roofing, road materials, fuel for furnaces and more.

Coal tar contains hydrocarbons, sulphur, nitrogen and heterocyclic oxygen compounds. Some of the hydrocarbons are known carcinogens, meaning they can be harmful and even toxic to humans.


  • Accurate & thorough site testing
  • Safe practices and handling of samples
  • Expert laboratory analysis
  • Stay compliant with law
  • Eliminate risk of contaminated land
Coal tar test

How is the Coal Tar test carried out?

An engineer can travel to the site to carry out the Soil Sampling. Alternatively, the site contact can carry out the sampling and then send it to our lab for testing.


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Eradicate the risk to individuals and stay compliant with regulations. Contact us to arrange a Coal Tar test.



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