How Soil Analysis Can Benefit Construction Sites

Construction site, excavating land

Soil testing is beneficial for many reasons: whether you need to know for landscaping or agricultural purposes, or are planning a building project and need to know more information on the foundations of the land. 

So how can soil testing benefit construction sites? 

Make informed decisions on planned construction projects

Knowing what the soil of the land contains can help you to make informed decisions on planned construction projects. It can help you to decide whether the land is suitable for a certain construction project and check that the foundations are solid. 

Soil testing informs you on the contents of your soil. This will also ensure you are adhering to land regulations. 

Identify soil types

Identify the different types of soil on the construction site and know their location. This will help you to plan and correctly handle – and dispose of – waste. 

This can be especially important when excavations take place and soil is being moved. 

For instance, if a contaminated soil area is identified, it can be handled in the correct manner and therefore not contaminate the rest of the land via excavation. 

Check soil strength and contents

Test soil for strength, density, sand, water and other contents with soil analysis. Once you know the soil contents, this can then enable you to assess the impact on the construction project.

Test for asbestos, coal tar or other contaminants

Soil analysis helps to identify any contaminants in the soil. These may include:

  • Asbestos
  • Coal tar
  • Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
  • Any other hazardous materials

Specialist soil tests can check that pollutants such as POPs are not at hazardous levels. 

Asbestos and coal tar were originally thought to be harmless but over time it’s become apparent that they are harmful to humans. They can find their way into soil over time for reasons including demolition of old buildings and road materials.

Waste classification tests help you adhere to waste disposal regulations. Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing identifies how waste behaves once it goes to landfill, again so that you dispose of it in the correct type of landfill. 

Order soil test kits

The Soil Lab offers on-site investigations and professional soil testing kits which can be ordered online. Order your soil sample kits or get in touch with us.

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