How to Choose a Soil Testing Company

Soil testing may be needed for a number of reasons, such as when sending waste soil to landfill sites and ultimately to comply with waste classification laws. 

How do you choose a company to carry out soil testing? Here are some things to consider before deciding on a company.


Checking that soil testing companies are well-established in their field is one of the most important considerations. If they have had years of experience, they will have had to adhere to industry standards. 

Read up on their website about the company and how long they have been operating for.


Nothing gives a greater reflection of the service that a company offers than customer reviews. Do your research beforehand. Don’t rely fully that all customer reviews will be the full picture. However, if there seems to be a high volume of complaints, it’s probably best to consider going with another company.

Soil test types

Consider what type of soil testing you need. If it’s for commercial purposes and you need to establish any contaminants such as coal tar or asbestos, does the company offer this? Alternatively, you may need a soil test for domestic use, such as to determine water content. Read up on what the company offers or submit an enquiry. 

Customer service & support

It may be that you are unsure as to which type of soil test you need and require some advice. Submitting an enquiry before you make a decision will enable you to do some research to see what is being offered and help you to establish which test you need. 

The Soil Lab has over 35 years’ experience in soil testing. We offer a range of soil tests for commercial and domestic use. Our soil testing kit can be ordered online. It’s quick and easy to carry out with accurate results from the lab. 

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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