Mistakes to Avoid with Soil Testing

Soil sample test kit

Soil testing kits enable you to take your own soil sample; they are the convenient way to get your soil tested. However, in order to take an accurate sample, there are some common mistakes to avoid.

Taking one sample

The soil sample should be taken from the suspected contaminated area for accurate results. Our soil testing kits come with two jars so you can provide more than one sample.  


Using clean jars and tools to collect the samples will help to avoid cross-contamination. Cross-contamination will skew the results of the soil analysis and further samples will have to be taken in order to get accurate results.

Not using gloves

Again, using the gloves provided is important to avoid any contamination from your hands. They will also protect skin if there are any harmful contaminants found to be present.

Not filling in the log sheet

The log sheet provided is really important for recording accurate information including the location, date, time, sample ID, site details and sitemap indicator. This helps the analysis process and also gives a timeline if soil is sampled again further down the line. 

Including contaminants 

Any contaminants of the sample should be removed first. These may include leaves, rocks or roots.

Not sufficient enough sample

The Soil Lab’s sample jars contain a line which tells you where to fill the jar. This ensures there is a sufficient amount of soil to analyse. The sample should reach the ‘fill line’ with the lid screwed on tightly ready for transport. 

Order now

Ordering a soil testing kit is easy. Simply fill out our form and let us know a few details, including the type of sampling kit you’ll need. If you have a question, we’re more than happy to help – get in touch with us.

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