Fletchers Waste are a Sheffield based Company with over 35 years’ experience in waste management. Having established ourselves as one of the leading organisations of our kind, we have now launched The SoilLab soil classification, a complete soil sample testing service.

We understand how important knowing the content of your soil is to meet waste classification laws, and our complete soil analysis kit makes classification a simple process. Our accurate and professional soil testing kit is suitable for both domestic and commercial construction markets in the housing and infrastructure industry, both on a large and small scale. It’s easy and convenient to order a soil sample kit online.

We can deliver as many soil analysis kits as you need. With waste producers having a legal requirement to carry out a full soil sample analysis, our handy soil testing kit enables you to do so quickly, cleanly and efficiently with no previous experience needed. Better still, you could have the soil analysis results in a matter of days.  The soil testing kit is designed to be simple to use and makes it easy for you to take soil samples to ensure your ground materials are classified correctly.  We can also arrange a site visit to assist and advise you if required.

Ensure you are compliant with our soil  analysis kit

Soil Analysis Testing Kit – An efficient and economic soil classification tool, designed to deliver better waste soil sample results and test soil quality.

Each SoilLab professional soil testing kit contains:
-2 x 250ml sample jars
-a sample log sheet
-2 pairs of gloves
-a sitemap indicator
-a postal label for the box to enable quick and easy return of your soil samples by our SoilLab courier

We test your soil for density, strength, compaction, sand and organic content and contaminations to assess their impact on your construction project.

With our WAC test offering a speedy 3-to-5-day turnaround both locally and nationwide, and a 3-to-12 day POPS test turnaround you will have the answers you need without unnecessary delays. With new laws regarding soil sampling coming into effect from the 30th April 2020, that require all unassessed waste to be categorised as hazardous, there really couldn’t be a better time for you to take advantage of our soil testing service.

Our quick and easy UK soil testing kit will give you the answers you need to avoid any unnecessary hassle with the classification of your waste.

The Soil Lab soil testing kit box

our soil analysis testing kit
is Fast, easy & accurate


The SoilLab reduces collection times for your soil sampling


Our UKAS accredited soil testing lab ensures the results are back with you in a flash


Accurate sample report for soil classification


Soil analysis process reduces your carbon footprint and costs


The Soil lab soil testing kit


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our soil testing kIT is simple and easy to use

check your soil kit contents

The soil sample kit should contain the following:

  • 2x 250ml sample jars
  • Sample log sheet
  • 2x Gloves
  • Sitemap indicator
  • Postal label for base of box
The Soil Lab UK soil testing kit
Soil sample test kit

Fill the jars with your sample & seal

Tips for soil sampling:

  • Use the protective gloves supplied
  • Use clean tools to avoid cross contamination
  • For accurate results take sample from suspected soil contamination area
  • Remove contaminants like leaves, roots or stones
  • Completely fill the jar right to the top and screw lid tight

complete paperwork

Required information:

  • Sample ID
  • Sample date & time
  • Company name
  • Site details & sitemap indication
  • Sample log sheet
Writing on the label
DIY UK soil testing kit

box it up and send

Complete the final steps:

  • Box up your soil samples ensuring jars are completely filled with no contaminants and lids are screwed tight
  • Affix postal label to base of the box
  • Call the SoilLab courier on: 08450 092 050 for collection


We offer a nationwide site deployment service which is recommended for bulk volumes and new sites. One of our site engineers will attend your site and advise on sample plan, segregation and take care of the soil sample testing on your behalf.

The Soil Lab soil analysis van

Ensure you are compliant with the legal obligations to correctly classify and assess excavated waste

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