Establishing the water content of soil is important for a number of reasons including flood control, farming, preventing erosion and predicting droughts.

Completely dry soil is caused when the soil’s pore space is occupied entirely by air. Whereas saturated soil is caused when the pore space is occupied by water.

Soil water analysis can determine the soil moisture content. At the SoilLab, we carry out water analysis of soil.


Soil and Water Analysis

  • Accurate & thorough site testing
  • Expert laboratory analysis of soil
  • Determine water content of soil to help you plan projects



Soil testing for water and moisture content


How is the soil water analysis carried out?

An engineer can mobilise to site to carry out the Soil Sampling or the site contact can carry out the sampling themselves and then send it to our lab for testing.


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Test your soil for water content. Contact us to arrange a soil water analysis test.



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