Any topsoil you purchase has to comply to British standard BS3882. The structure of soil can be altered during transit so it’s important to ensure you comply.

The standard sets out two grades: multipurpose and specific purpose. Multipurpose can be used for most gardening projects. Specific purpose is unsuitable general landscaping and should be used with professional advice. Projects which have specific needs may include calcareous soil, acidic soil or low fertility.

The standard also sets out how it should be handled, sampled, stored and prepared. Topsoil should be separated from building materials to avoid contamination.


  • Accurate & thorough site testing
  • Expert laboratory analysis
  • Stay compliant with British standard BS3882




How is the topsoil tested?

An engineer can mobilise to site to carry out the testing or the site contact can carry out the sampling themselves and then send it to our lab for testing.


What requirements are needed to be certified?

Certified soil must pass the following requirements:


  • Free From Contamination
  • Fertility
  • Soil Structure and Classification

Checking that topsoil conforms to standard BS3882 before buying is a reassurance of quality.


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Ensure your topsoil complies with the British standard BS3882. Contact us to arrange topsoil certification.



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