The purpose of Waste Acceptance Criteria – or WAC testing – is to identify how waste will behave once it has gone to landfill. It helps you to determine which landfill waste can be sent to: hazardous, non-hazardous or inert. 

Waste is analysed in a laboratory. Firstly solid analysis tests for key contaminants and the organic material. Secondly, the leachate test investigates the level of contamination that could potentially leak from the waste when in landfill. It does not determine if waste is hazardous or not. 


  • Accurate & thorough testing
  • Speedy 3-to-5 day turnaround locally & nationwide
  • Expert laboratory analysis
  • Comply with landfill regulations
  • Reduce risk of human or environmental impact
  • Determine how to correctly dispose of waste


Soil testing for Waste Acceptance Criteria


How is the WAC test carried out?

An engineer can mobilise to site to carry out the soil sampling or the site contact can carry out the sampling and then send to the lab for testing.


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