We provide waste soil classification testing to help you classify and appropriately dispose of soil waste. It’s a requirement by law that if a site has suspected contamination that a waste soil classification test is properly carried out.

Before waste soil can be sent to landfill, it needs to be properly classified in order to avoid penalties and dispose of it in the correct manner.

Contamination can come from a number of sources, such as industrial and agricultural activities. It’s important that soil classification testing is carried out.

Waste Soil Classification

  • Accurate classification
  • Comply with waste disposal laws
  • Avoid penalties and setbacks to construction
  • Ensure sites are not hazardous to health
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Asbestos ID test



Soil waste classification test


How is the waste soil classification test carried out?

An engineer can mobilise to site to carry out the Soil Sampling. Alternatively, the site contact can carry out the sampling then send to the lab for testing.


What is soil analysed for?

Soil will be analysed for heavy metals and hydrocarbons which can be hazardous to humans and the environment. Heavy metals such as zinc and lead can be prevalent in soils, accumulating in high concentrations. Hydrocarbons can occur in soil through oil spillages, fuel emissions or the burning of materials.


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